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We are all about"Quality & Commitment" - and application of our experience

Sanpure is promoted by a experienced and committed team of experts who have designed, built and operated water systems for many major pharmaceticals in India and abroad. Right from the early nineties when the USP for PW was in its infancy in india till date when its on par with the best in the world, we have been designing, engineering and erecting systems for many major pharmaceuticals.

Our leadership

Sanpure is the brainchild of Basavaraj Nekar, a chemical engineer by profession, who has been instrumental and the key driver behind many major pharmaceutical water sytems in India, primarily in South and Western India. We derive our motivation from the fact that there's a lot of scope for optimization, design and engineering simplification. Sanpure has proven iteslf of its capabilities time and again through various installations, most of which are repeat installation. This showcases the trust of our esteemed clients on our capabilities and support. Our approach and design capabilities hugely differ from our competitive friends. Talk to us to find out about the advantages that we can offer you, over others.

Our Capabilities

We have executed projects for;

  1. PFW Storage & Distribution System
  2. WFI Storage & Distribution System
  3. Pure Steam Distribution System
  4. Pre-Treatment System
  5. Purified Water Generation System

Our expertise span all the three major pharmaceutical segments i.e.;

  1. API
  2. Formulations
  3. Biotechnology(Vaccines)

Our Strengths